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ItemShop Offers August

 Dear Rodnians,

Until 31 August we will have for limited offers the next items:

  • Light and Dark WeaponSkins Set


 Dragi Rodnieni,

Până pe 31 August vom avea la oferte limitate următoarele obiecte:

  • Seturile de Skin-uri de armă ale Luminii şi Întunericului


Image Image Image Image Image Image
Image Image Image Image Image Image

Update 4 Aug(Patch 2.1.4)

 Server Maintenance 4.08.2020 - Patch 2.1.4 Changes: The ”Word Event” replies will work only in the shout chat. We added a chest at all low level bosses. Removed the blessing marble from the moonlight chest. Bugfixes: Fixed the guild icons. Dance 7 was not working on warrior F. New: Added the customized costumes. Added the August Battlepass. Final reward: Mount Brabus (permanent) Bonuses: Strong vs All...

Update 28 July(Patch 2.1.3)

 Server Maintenance 28.07.2020 - Patch 2.1.3 Changes: Added effects in preview items, in order for the preview effects to work you must not have hidden effects. CLICK HERE Changed the drop of Nephrite's chest. Windows animation were fixed. Bugfixes: Fixed the error that caused two shop extension buttons to appear. Fixed the errors from the extension of the shop. The textures of the NewLegends V costume have been...